Birthday traditions

How do you celebrate birthdays in your house?  Do you have any little traditions?


My kids like to have the table decorated in the morning when they come down to breakfast.  We have an ancient felt toy train and they like all their presents laid out waiting for them!!!  They also get to choose what they have to eat that day and an activity of their choice, like a film at the cinema.  My 12 year has just told me though that he wants to choose a whole week’s worth of meals so he can have all his favourites!  Hmmmm I think we have his favourites every week already though.


I used to always put balloons up in their bedroom, so they woke up and it was the first thing they say.  I am trying not to use balloons anymore though to cut down a bit on waste, so instead my birthday banners are coming into play.  I think there will be a few scattered round the house come the next family birthday.


I would love to hear about your traditions.

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